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Created by a modder and gamer for modders and gamers, Modderize is the result of my own frustration with the state of mod-sharing websites. There are some great tools out there for sharing mods and growing an audience, but most of them don't have dedicated tools for requesting mods. The consensus seems to be that mod requests are simply an unnecessary distraction. And it is true that, when unsolicited, they can be. However, there are a plethora of real, enriching use-cases where this particular kind of content can be really useful.

There was a time when the sole motivation for modding was personal fulfillment; and that is still a huge part of why most of us do it. But now that the world of PC game modding is becoming more monetizeable, with many modders collecting subscriptions and donations via services like Patreon and BuyMeACoffee, many modders (like myself), are trying to figure out what kind of content will make our followers happiest. This can be difficult to do, especially for large creators, as comments sections get larger and harder to skim. And even if you create a poll, the only options your users can choose between are the things you have already thought of.

Enter Modderize, which gives gamers and modders an additional means of communicating with each other. You can make a mod request that is open to the entire community, and someone with the talent and the time to create it will do so. Or if you happen to know of a particular creator that makes the specific sort of mod you're asking for, you can request directly from them. The goal being to give modders a way of figuring out what to make, and gamers a place to voice the kind of content they want to see.

I believe that there is limitless potential in the creativity of our gaming communities. Let's make something awesome together.

- Bianca


Please direct any questions or feedback regarding the site to Bianca Morris on LinkedIn or Github. I look forward to hearing from you!


Modderize is a web application for video game modders to track and fulfill feature requests from their communities.

This application was built to fulfill the Capstone requirement of the Digital Media Design ALM Degree at Harvard Extension School.

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